I cannot imagine my two births without Katie’s calming, supportive presence. I had two wildly different experiences (including a c-section for my second birth), and Katie’s support walking us through every step of the process was phenomenal. She’s smart, kind, funny, and warm; just the kind of “with it” presence I needed during birth! Can’t recommend highly enough.


I appreciated the balance you struck between listening to my needs and questions while also offering practical, non-judgmental suggestions. I loved the obvious passion you have for this career. I also valued the way you gave my partner support by helping with some massage techniques and letting him rest but also made sure he was still my number one support.


We felt overwhelmed at the amount of information available and unable to judge the credibility of the sources. Everyone has a suggestion or a tip, but no one stopped to ask us what we wanted. Even if they had, what would we have said? The only thing we new for sure was that we wanted our baby to be healthy. We wanted a person we could trust to give us straight answers, but who could work with…um…opinionated persons such as ourselves. You helped us sort the essential matters from the nonessential and always encouraged us to be us. That’s exactly what we wanted.

-M. B. & P. R.