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Let’s connect to talk about your thoughts for your upcoming birth and how a doula fits into that picture. I love getting to know new families. Grab something delicious to drink, and let’s talk.

Honestly, I can’t imagine what my birth would have been like without Katie because there’s no way to extricate her from how things went down. Katie made sure that I had “my moment” with my son, which was my greatest wish for the birth.

Because I delivered during a pandemic, there is no way I could adequately communicate how much of a gift it was to be to have Katie with me on my journey. I can’t imagine how I would have gotten through this process in such a crazy time without Katie, and I will be grateful to her forever. 

Katie was an absolute pleasure to work with. We shared a snarky sense of humor, a realistic view of the medical world and it’s limitations, and an inclusive worldview. What she added was level headedness, calm and thoughtfulness when we were chaotic. While my birth didn’t go exactly how I would have planned it, Katie was there to help me and my partner sort through our thoughts, emotions, and desires and navigate the medical system to get as close to our desired outcomes as possible.